COLPEX has a new plant in Chimbote, designed and built with the latest technology, for the production of protein concentrates for direct human consumption.

This facility’s main products are:

- FPI (Fish Protein Isolate), with minimum protein levels of 80%.

- FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate), with minimum protein levels of 70%.

In terms of digestibility and purity, protein concentrates are among the best proteins in the world. Available for use in different applications in the food industry, these concentrates improve the nutritional value and enrich the protein content of different products.

Both products are processed from the Peruvian anchovy, which is a plentiful species in the Southern Pacific Ocean and underutilized for human nutrition.


Our company has also developed several finished product alternatives with high EPA and DHA content, designed to be an efficient, safe and pleasant way to consume marine-sourced essential fatty acids.

COLPEX offers different presentations for children and adults that have excellent acceptance levels in each target group. These new products have been developed to provide the ocean’s essential nutrients to the final customer in a manner that is enjoyable and easy.

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